June 29th, 2012

I Want To Be

This week we made the front page of The Wharf newspaper a newspaper circulated in the Canary Wharf vicinity, the link to the article is here, read and enjoy!

It is about the amazing new film commissioned by the Canaan Project that is currently being edited called ‘I Want To Be’, which we are all really excited about. Local young women will have their voices heard, they are speaking about there hopes and aspirations, and things that are important to them. Facilitating their voices being heard is a huge pleasure and responsibility one which we do not take lightly.

I was re-reading the article and was left feeling so grateful to all the people involved in the Canaan Project and giving their time, Iain the Cameraman is certainly one of those but there were around 10 people that gave up their Saturday that particular day to volunteer and make the film happen for the young women. There are also numerous others that give up their time on a weekly or monthly basis for the young people of Poplar. The Canaan Project happens because people see beyond themselves and want to reach out in to a community and make a difference, it is great to watch and be a part of.

Thanks to all that have been involved and that continue to be involved your time makes the difference we see. If you are reading this and want to get involved to not hesitate to get in touch, do not discount yourselves because you think you are unable to speak to young people or have little to offer, you all have something!