June 22nd, 2012

Working Together

This is a picture of a rope. Rope is strong because the individual sections or strands work together. This is also the case with the Canaan Project. We have talked about this in different ways throughout this website (do go back and read through the posts, it gives a great flavour of who we are and how we work). As part of our second mission point, ‘working “with” young people rather than “on” them’, we aim to draw different people and services together to offer our young people the best and strongest service we can.

As we at Canaan Project work with young people our specialism is being generalists. This means that we have to work with others (our partners) to offer specialist services or experiences, that we cannot. These different strands create a strong rope (that’s the link for those that had missed that!). Yesterday we took 4 young men to an Architects Practice as the young men had expressed interest in becoming Architects. This was a great opportunity to spend some time learning together about becoming an Architect. The young men really enjoyed it and although they came away uncertain if they want to be Architects, at least they now can make an informed decision!

We have referred young people to a range of different services or people to get specialist help or support or experience. Another example of this was mentioned in the last blog. We have referred young people that are struggling with a number of issues including unemployment, training and education, depression, health and fitness to name a few!