July 13th, 2012


So as we approach that time of year again – the financial year end, which is the 31st August for the Canaan Project. We look forward to the next financial year, with a slight sigh of relief that we got through this year! As I am sure you are all aware (unless you have been in a cave for the last 4 years – which seems like a good option!) we are in some major financial situation as a country (under statement from a slightly ignorant member of the public), this has had a major impact on the life of the charity and charities nationally. Although in this time of austerity and increased poverty this actually – we believe – increases the need for the Canaan Project and charities like us, to work with young people experiencing these levels of poverty and particularly the social impact of this poverty.

The bottom line for us regarding our finances is we have a around about a 35k deficit for next year and in a charity that is only aiming to turn over around the 70k mark this is SIGNIFICANT! We have lots of applications out for further funding with some positive leads, but we heavily relied on the generosity of individual donors this year to carry on the work you read about in this blog. People can donate by hitting the donate button above or here or email me for a Donation form with all our info on,

Although this might sound a little bleak – although a reality, we are really optimistic about the future and excited about the new opportunities that will be around with the new Spotlight Youth Centre opening in Poplar.