July 20th, 2012

The journey to Adulthood

There are some differences between Childhood and Adulthood and part of our role (quite a large part) as youth workers is to support young people through this time of transition. One of the greatest areas that we develop is our sense of Autonomy – the sense in which are self governing, as we move from dependance on our parents/guardians, to independence.

An example of this happened at last weeks youth club session, for the last couple of months there has seemed to be some unrest amongst the young people with mutterings of unhappiness. So as we are approaching the end of term we felt it would be a good opportunity to sit everyone down in the youth club and have a chat. We talked a lot about the perceived needs of the young people and their desires for their youth club. We started a negation about what they wanted and some things we were not willing to organise or offer, but we reached compromises. This is an excellent example of helping young people to develop skills that are essential in Adulthood.