August 17th, 2012


So last week the Canaan Project took the week out to do some planning and evaluation as mentioned in the last blog. This was a really excellent opportunity to look over the last year and think about the successes of the Canaan Project, the number of young people totally registered with us – 651, the number of sessions we have run  – over 300. If we did not provide these sessions no one else would. We thought about the special events we have put on, trips and residential trips, making a film, insight tours to corporate companies, special events at the Teviot Centre, parties and new experiences.

The numbers are helpful but only present one story. We also thought about the relationships we have developed with young people and we thought especially about the significant relationships we have developed, that have helped young people in all manner of ways, form offering advice, or referring them to specialist providers, or a listening ear to bounce ideas around with, or a reflective ear that has helped young people to develop their own thinking their values or check their attitudes. We aim for our relationships to be  a space for encouragement a safe space for young people to grow in confidence and recognise and understand themselves further.

I was sitting in the office writing this blog and I noticed this postcard on the wall – David Hockney (pictured above). It got me thinking about the phrase ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, the concept being you get lost in the detail and miss the big picture. Last week was about the Canaan Project stepping back and taking a look, to see the big picture over the last year. This then got me thinking that it is also part of our role to help young people do this sometimes to step back and reflect before making their transition in to adulthood, and learning this skill is a great help for the rest of their lives.