August 3rd, 2012

Summer Continues…

This has been our second full week of Summer Programme. The weather has not been as good this week as last, but it has not dampened our work or spirits! It has been a real privilege meeting so many new young people. It is a great to be outside in and amongst the young people, being in their area on ‘their turf’, is great. It changes the atmosphere and i think the young people seem to relax and i think we relax – as we are not responsible for a building.

In this more relaxed environment it is a great opportunity for good conversations. We seem to have such good conversations with young people. A youth workers greatest tool is our conversation and our opportunity for informal education with young people. We have had a number of conversations about the Olympics, which has been really interesting because before the Olympics started most of the young people we spoke to were not bothered at all, there seems to have been a little shift in this and young people are becoming more interested and inspired. This is partly because young people do not tend to see the ‘big picture’ or too far in advance and tend to live in the moment more than us adults, that tell them they should be inspired in advance!