Pete D Leap ceremony
September 21st, 2012


This week I (Fiona) had the pleasure of attending a Certificate Ceremony with one of our volunteers, Peter Draper, who completed a Conflict Resolution and Leadership Qualification with Leap Confronting Conflict. Peter took part in a leadership weekend and a week long training course called a Quarrel Shop in Conflict Resolution Skills which he then had to put into practice by running workshops with other young people in the skills he had learnt. As we travelled to the ceremony Peter reflected with me on how much he had loved the course and how it was one of several opportunities that had made a significant impact in his life over the last several years.

Peter grew up on the Teviot Estate where we work and started volunteering with us when we started our first weekly session there 4 years ago. It has been a difficult few years for Pete. “I went off the rails when my Nan died. I was drinking, smoking weed, robbing things, fighting… I didn’t care about myself or anything anymore. But getting involved in Canaan Project and then City Gateway and Leap has changed my life. People didn’t understand me at school. I didnt have any self-respect back in the day and I didn’t respect other people. But at Canaan Project and City Gateway and Leap people talked to me and treated me like an adult. I care what I think about myself now. And its made me think about my decisions and the consequences of my actions. I’m in to helping people not hurting people now. There’s no point to fighting. I love my life now and Im so grateful to Canaan Project, City Gateway and Leap.”

It is a privilege to have been part of Pete’s story and we are really proud of the progress he’s made and hope to continue to journey with him. Well done Pete!