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October 12th, 2012

New Session

This week we started a new session on the Cranbrook Estate in Tower Hamlets. It took off with 10 young people registering and 5 or 10 more hanging about testing out whether we are ‘ok’ or not, with suspicions running deep that we were the ‘feds’ (police). Some of the feedback from the young people at the session was that it was great to have a youth club there as there is nothing in the local area from them to do. Having attended a Community Residents meeting on Monday evening of this week the local residents are desperate for the young people to have something to do.

One young person, that we met on the street approaching the Community Centre said that their used to be a youth club in the centre but that it was shut down a few years ago, as a result they were on the street ‘up to no good’ (his words). The group that he was with of between 4 and 8 of them sitting on a bench, came to the session, no longer on the street, engaged in the positive activities. Provision where there is no provision.