October 26th, 2012

New Staff

In the coming weeks I will introduce you too, two new members of the team. This is really exciting for the Canaan Project as we move forward in bringing excellent services to the young people of Tower Hamlets. This will increase our capacity for each week as we continue to develop the service, we are currently running 7 sessions per week for young people and we are aiming for this to increase to 10 by January 2013 seeing even more young people. This is really exciting.

As we continue though at Canaan Project it is not, and has not, been only about the numbers of young people and sessions we run, but new workers will give us great scope to develop meaningful relationships with young people. These relationships are key in what we are doing and trying to achieve. Through trusting relationships we are able to help young people to develop, physically, emotionally, mentality and spiritually. Please continue to support us, we are still seeking funding for this financial year as we move forward.