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October 1st, 2012

New Term…New Books

We at the Canaan Project are settling back in to a normal(ish) rhythm after the summer break. Some clubs have taken off others are quieter as young people settle back in to their new school year. We are starting some exciting work in Morpeth High School over the next few months aiming to work with young women that would benefit from a little extra support/help/space.

We are also aiming to start a completely new weekly session up, but we are working out some of the details around it – so more news soon.

The younger, young people have moved up to the older session, a mile stone in their Canaan Project lives! Some of the older ones have either grown too old or have decided to move on, sad in one respect for us, but part of life and part of running a youth club! We have lots of exciting activities planned for the coming weeks and months, helping young people to have fun and enjoy themselves, maybe learn something new, or build a network of peers and appropriate adults from which to draw support and help when needed. It’s good to be back and its good to be offering amazing activities by amazing youth workers and volunteers to amazing young people.