November 16th, 2012

Crossing the Road…

The other day whilst on my bike I was waiting at a traffic light and a whole group of school pupils were parading past with the Green man confirming their safe passage.  At the back of the group was a teacher as the teacher and 3 or 4 of the pupils approached the crossing the green man went out and my green light (and the Cement Mixer Lorry behind me) went on, we both, the Cement Mixer and I made a clear shunt forward. The teacher faced a dilemma 4/5 of the group were on the other side, and clearly she thought she could make it across – even with revving engine of the cement mixer, so she stepped out into the road and was encouraging her pupils to also cross, one of the young pupils screamed ‘NO’ and the teacher clearly in 2 minds, pulled back and allowed us to carry on our journeys.

It made me think that as a youth worker (and the teacher in this case) our actions are really important because young people we meet are walking with (very literally in this case) watch our steps.  They watch what we do and how we act, how we interact with each other.  This why at the Canaan Project it is so important to watch how volunteers and youth workers engage with each other what we say and sometimes more importantly what we do speaks to the young people we meet.