November 9th, 2012

Ever Grateful!

Sometimes it is really difficult working with young people! I have described youth work, in the past as looking for golden nuggets in a massive piles of hay, often times we talk on this blog about the nuggets, not about the hay. This is mainly because the hay is really boring! I was thinking about this the other day as I broke in to an argument with a 14 year old young man at youth club, who was complaining about the pizza he was making for himself! His complaint was that there was not enough chicken (there was not enough Chicken because his mates before him had piled their pizza’s high with Chicken), he then got angry and started on verbally abusing the entire youth club and Canaan Project and the youth workers. He decided to complain about everything, and did not hold back on how crap he thought we all were and the club was. This is hay.

I did not at the time find the nugget, I was barraged with hay and it kept coming. The fact that there is a youth club at all, and that it is free and that the pizza he was making (and subsequently ate) was free, and there are some youth workers there that listen to him and in the past have taken him away on residential trips and day trips, that have worked with his mother and older brother when his brother was in trouble, all of this good work was missed because there was not enough Chicken. Hay.

We will continue to work with him, and at a moment in the future I will dive in the hay again and see whether I can help him see the big picture and whether I can get him to look at this from a different angle and potentially learn something that will help him out in life. Until that point (and after it I am sure) there will be more hay to wade through!!