November 30th, 2012

The Contrast!

Last night the Canaan Project had to call the Police to a session, as we had some drunk young men refusing to leave the session and then the whole youth club turned against us! The boundaries being pushed again a regular theme in this blog! We stood our ground and drew a line which they crossed this now has consequences for them and their session an adrenaline filled session!

When I eventually arrived home, I sat down and went through me emails and I received this email;

‘Heyy..my name’s XXXXX. Im 15 and go to Langdon Park. I just read through all the bits on bobs on this website and looks really good. i was thinking..when can you actually become a volunteer, like what age, because i’de really like to become one, so would a friend of mine, XXXXXXXX …well after we know all the details, so could u let us know. =)’

What a contrast after a difficult session! 2 young people looking to help out and get some experience, motivated and willing! This is the joys of Youthwork and this is life in the Canaan Project, we love it!