December 7th, 2012

Funding the Gaps

Just to make sure you are up to date, we are currently £13,320 short for this years budget which runs September to August (we have a strange year!) We are continuing raise funds through application to Charitable Trust Funds which we are very grateful to those that have given toward the Canaan Project, vision and mission. We also very grateful to our regular givers that sacrificially give every month.

This blog is not a platform on which we normally take the time to ask for money but could we encourage anyone who is thinking about giving please do consider the Canaan Project as we continue in our work in Tower Hamlets. Our track record is providing where there is no provision especially for young people aged 11 -19 and creating a sustainable option and moving on. We do this through running centre-based youth club sessions, off-site activities, and detached youth work. The Canaan Project is greatly valued by the young people who use the service.  ‘Youth clubs give us something to do.’ Azharul,15. ‘If we have to go to different areas, we might get robbed, it happened to me.’ Arron, 14. The large number of volunteers (described by an external source as, ‘Excellent’) enables a wide range of activities to be offered:  healthy living (e.g. cooking club; table tennis); creative arts projects (e.g. filmmaking; Spoken Word performance poetry); cultural outings (e.g. museums, theatres). The Canaan Project works with young people in challenging circumstances, to develop their trust, and to help them turn their lives around, all based on developing strong relationships.