December 28th, 2012

Looking back…numbers

Well it has been a an exciting year, with lots of highs and some lows! Here is some stats that some up our year:

  • The Canaan Project has 751 Registered young people on our database
  • Over 250 individual sessions for young people in 2012
  • In November we averaged 76 hours per week of face to face youth work
  • We have started 4 new weekly sessions
  • Employed 2 new members of staff
  • Appointed 3 new trustees
  • Reached one Financial year end and have secured a significant amount of the following year
  • 52 blog posts

As ever these stats only ever demonstrate part of our work ‘the skeleton’ if you like, the stories of change the impact on young people, make up the flesh and blood of our body, and to continue the human body analogy we are an ever evolving body that continues to develop as we look forward to 2013.