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December 14th, 2012

Working together…makes us stronger

We have a number of partners that we work with and really appreciate. These people contribute and compliment the work that we do with young people. Canaan Project as a small dynamic organisation which sees its role as discussed before in this blog as being ‘Generic Specialists’ we have information to share, in areas such as careers, sexual health, drugs and alcohol and many other areas. We then use the relationships and environments we have and create, to share this information, sometimes young people may need more specialist support and the Canaan Project can call on their partners to help with this.

We also have funders that cross over into the partner boundary, that help sustain and support the work of the Canaan Project. These are also essential to the work with young people, their specialist knowledge with, design, website support, finance or fund raising to name but a few, keep the Canaan Project rolling on!

The final list of partners is our volunteers, their commitment and passion to and for the young people and the Canaan Project is amazing.

(Picture – Young People on Teviot doing Archery at the Teviot Centre)