January 11th, 2013

New year – new start

It was good to go back into one of the centres that we have been using for a session for young people 11 Р19,  after a 3 week break which was before the Christmas break, we continued the session outside on street based detached. We ended up outside because a couple of the young people came to the session drunk and then refused to leave the centre when asked and caused a bit of a situation! This was really disappointing and we felt like we needed to be outside on the street for a time to build up relationships and trust, in order for us to feel like we could trust the young people enough to go back in.

We played football and brought hot chocolate for 3 hard, cold and wet weeks. Yesterday we returned to the centre and the heat and light (although it was still cold – must figure out the heating!) it was good to be back inside (appreciate the luxuries!) We had a brief conversation with the young people about the last few weeks by way of reflection and learning about boundaries and consequences of choices. The session was really positive with some good conversations and relationship building. Building and holding boundaries is an essential part of our work with young people helping to develop life skills aiming to develop life chances, starting small aiming big!