February 15th, 2013

A Spotlight shines in Tower Hamlets

So we were just given the privilege to walk around the new Spotlight Youth Centre being built in Langdon Park. This new centre will be a big part of youth work in this area, and of course, a big part of the young people’s lives. They will be able to get more involved with the community around them and interact with their peers, youth workers and other individuals in the area. There will be many different facilities and services provided, such as a music studio, a cafe, an art room, a computer suite, a boxing club, spaces for organisations to come on board and use,  and much much more. It was great to see all the consultation we did, and the views of all the young people we spoke to, become a concrete reality (literally!!). We look forward to seeing it completed and hope that there will be a great impact in Tower Hamlets and hope for a lot of support for the new centre for the future.