February 22nd, 2013

Ice Skating

This week we went ice skating with 20 young women for Langdon Park School Young Women’s lunch club. This was a slightly terrorising prospect for the Canaan team, partly because of the ‘millions’ of amateur young people skating in Half Term and with falling over left, right and centre and visions of fingers and skates in our heads! This mixed with our limited ability to skate made for an altogether nerve racking experience. The young women did not seem to notice and had a brilliant time.

It is always good to take young people on trips because it takes them out of their normal environment and opens up the opportunity for them to experience new things and new experiences can lead to new aspirations. At the Canaan Project we firmly believe that young people the are aspiring are making positive choices. It may not be that young people are aspiring to become ice skaters but they may grow in confidence, and increased confidence and self esteem can aid the development of aspiration.