Cranbrook Finished
March 22nd, 2013

All Change…

So after Easter the we are slightly changing what we are doing, we are continuing to develop the new work in the Cranbrook with an extra couple of sessions. We are going to stop one night of provision on the Teviot after the Easter break, we do this with a mixture of sadness and excitedness (I think I made up this word)! The exciting element is as said above we are continuing to explore and deliver in the Cranbrook and are opening the Community Centre up for a new session for Young Womens only and potentially a specific session for young people 11 – 14, depending on volunteers.

The sadness is that we are spending less time at the Teviot. We are continuing our sessions on a Thursday night at the Teviot and the London Borough Tower Hamlets is going to be delivery 3 nights a week at the Teviot as from after Easter. This is also really exciting as we hold provision where there is no provision as our values we need to move to support some other young people that have no access to provision – the Cranbrook.