Tower Hamlets-20130221-00235
March 1st, 2013

New boots, old shoes (Child Poverty)

Big news: one of the staff here at the Canaan Project have just gotten a new pair of boots! This exciting feature has brought us round to looking at the area we are working in; Tower Hamlets. The BBC have recently released an article where a campaign has given some shocking statistics. These new boots look pretty snazzy, but in Tower Hamlets it has been recorded that about 19% of families in Tower Hamlets don’t replace the children’s outgrown shoes, and around 80% of families have to borrow to even make ends meet. This is definitely massive news, and we hope will decrease over the years to come. It is time then, as it always is, to reach out and help those in need. One last little statistic to throw at you, Tower Hamlets is labelled as the most poverty stricken area in the whole of the UK, with 42% of families in the area living in poverty! This is why the Canaan Project exists and why we chosen to work hard to engage those young people that are often hard to reach and isolated, aiming to alleviate poverty!