March 15th, 2013

Voluntary Participation 2

So on Monday we went Rock Climbing with a group of young people…this is the end of a story…

A particular group of young people have been asking for a while (what seems forever) if we can take them on a residential holiday trip. The main reason we have not, is financial we can not afford to do it and nor can they. We have had a number of attempts at fund raising for it but  it simply is not a priority as at several points over the last few months we have nearly lost our jobs! But with a few generous donations from kind individuals we cobbled enough money together to afford one residential over the Easter break and decided that we would ask this particular group of young people.

Due to their behaviour in the Youth Club we decided that we needed to build some trust with them, they had been particularly difficult – rudeness, lack of respect for each other and leaders, but most importantly they were not listening to us, this is a problem when you take young people away, we can handle general rowdiness but they have to listen! So we thought we would run a test having told them we have booked a Residential in Easter, that we would go Rock Climbing together as a dry run. None of the group returned letters for Rock Climbing when reminded that attendance on Rock Climbing was a condition for attendance on a Residential they said they no longer wanted to come on a residential! Voluntary Participation! They have chosen to not participate with us!

We will unpick this with them to find out what went wrong, but have a new group that returned their letters for the residential within 24 hours of receiving them! Voluntary Participation!