March 8th, 2013

Voluntary Participation

100% of the young people that cross the threshold of the Canaan Project sessions are there because they want to be there.

It is really important to the Canaan Project that young people choose to access our sessions and choose to engage with us. We believe in your people as autonomous beings and their choice to engage enables us to work with them in a different way to other institutions they might have to go to, school for example. We put a strong emphasis on this value and ask young people to constantly choose to engage with us so for example if you people say they are bored by an activity (especially by one that they have asked for) we will say that they don’t have to be there! They can choose! They therefore also have the opportunity to shape what they want so that they will not be bored! Voluntary participation forces us to be what young people want because as soon as we are not what they want they will leave. Currently around 120 young people per week are choosing to access Canaan Project Services, learning that they are autonomous beings that can choose and should choose in life.