April 5th, 2013

A Residential!

Easter is under way! We are running a residential next week for 13 young women, residential are really important for the Canaan Project, we tend to focus our residential on certain aspects, this time we are focusing on Communication. We will engage young people in a range of activities that encourage them to practice and reflect on different aspects of communication in groups. These will include:

Listening skills
Speaking individually
Speaking in a group
Body language
Negotiation and Cooperation
Identifying personal communication strengths and weaknesses
Communication in different contexts
Critical thinking
We use a variety of teaching methods and employ professionals to deliver specific activities to help the young people grow in confidence in their communication.
Some of the young people we have met struggle at school; some of them also struggle to communicate with adults successfully; struggle to communicate their desires, needs and wants; struggle to communicate with each other appropriately; those particular young people use high levels of inappropriate communication, including, racism, sexism and swearing. There is a general feeling that most of the young people we engage with struggle at some level with communication.
The Canaan Project is about helping young people reach and achieve their aspirations and we work with them to help them communicate affectively, and become active positive members of society.