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May 31st, 2013


This is a term that seems popular in charity/business/media culture at the moment. We often have these words or phrases that are fashionable for a time, a few years ago everyone was ‘innovative’!

Our 4th missional point is that we say we want to be ‘sustainable’, it’s really important for us to be here and invest in the relationships we have with the young people and the wider community. Relationships take a long time to develop and for trust to be build and therefore we need to be around to make this happen. Part of the strategy we have to ‘be around’, or to be sustainable is to support, train and invest in volunteers, as this does not require the same financial resources as a member of staff and can be a really rich experience for both the young people and the volunteer, and young volunteers are a key part of this.

The Canaan Project survives because of the volunteers that give their time to it. Sustainablity does not mean that we maintain what we do, rather we aim to push forward and continue to develop as not to get stagnant. There is also a sense in which our sustainability is wrapped in the  young people we see and engage with, aiming to enable the values and ethic of the Canaan Project to live on through them, this is also part of our sustainability.