June 14th, 2013


So there are some changes at the Canaan Project which will be announced in the coming weeks. These changes are bringing about endings, these two combined, change and endings can lead to people feeling insecure and insecurity can lead to lots of different behaviour, especially in young people.

Endings are in important in Youth Work, because they are a reflection of life and it is important at the Canaan Project that we support young people through these endings, demonstrating to them what ‘good’ endings might look like and if it is not positive, how to pick up the pieces. So we go out of our way to communicate clearly what is happening and explain what is going on. We offer extra time to listen to the young peoples responses, this often goes beyond listening to the initial response which can be about ‘saving face’ with comments like ‘i don’t care’ or ‘like i’m bothered’ or even more rude (to rude for the Blog!) but clearly they are, bothered and do care because their behaviour betrays their words as they keep returning to chat and¬†engage¬†with us.

The Canaan Project approaches young people with a wholistic approach, this means we aspire to work on every aspect of young peoples lives. We are aiming to help them develop life skills that will be used throughout their lives and this is why it is important to the Canaan Project to mention and work on endings!