July 12th, 2013

A week of Goodbyes!

So we have been finishing off some of the sessions this week especially in schools. These weigh heavy for Canaan Project volunteers and staff – we are not falling to piece’s!! But we have strong relationships with young people and have had for a number of years and it saddens us to leave these relationships because they are relationships with feeling.

Although we have professional boundaries and structure to the relationships they are non-the-less relationships which have emotions fed in from both sides and saying goodbye is painful! It is important for us to recognise this and help the young people to see it and recognise it, this maybe the first experience they have had of a positive ending.

For me (James) this is particularly prominent at the moment as i leave both my relationships with young people but also partners that have walked the journey over the past few years of the Canaan Project life. I would like to extend special thanks to them and as they say ‘you know who you are’.