October 25th, 2013

Cookies and Cream

Our Cranbrook Girls Club were at large this week as we took them out for ice-cream at Cookies and Cream in Whitechapel for an end of term treat. For many this was their first visit and they made full use of the unlimited sauces and squirty cream (not going to win a prize for healthiest trip ever!).

We are really passionate about giving girls new opportunities, helping them experience all the richness that life has to offer, believing that this broadens their horizons and aspirations. We’ve seen over and over again how trying new things also builds their confidence and self-belief, as they discover they can do things they didnt know they could do, which encourages them to pursue their aspirations.

Going to an ice cream shop 10 minutes down the road is perhaps not a life changing experience in itself but might have developed their confidence in getting the bus or inspired them to explore local places in the future. And if not, we know that at least the experience has formed a colourful little corner on the canvas of their lives.