December 20th, 2013

Christmas at the Cranbrook

We’ve had a lovely Christmassy week at Canaan Project full of paper snowflakes, Mariah Carey renditions and perhaps most impressively a full Christmas dinner cooked by our wonderful staff and volunteers for our Cranbrook Girls Club. Tessa and I wrapped presents and strung up fairy lights while Tanya and her kitchen crew somehow squeezed 3 chickens and all the trimmings in to one tiny oven. Our very own Christmas miracle!

The girls loved it. Crackers were pulled, parsnip and stuffing tried for the first time and presents excitedly shared. We ended the evening and the year with a paper snowball fight to end all paper snowball fights (which I’m sure we will be finding the remnants of for weeks to come!). It was a great end to a great year and has left us excited for all we have planned for 2014.

We hope you too have had a great 2013 with lots to celebrate and wish you a very Happy Christmas.

See you next year!