January 17th, 2014

Happy New Year!

The New Year is well under way but I just wanted to pause to update you with some reflections on our last term and its many firsts as there was lots to celebrate.

It was our teams first term together and it was a pleasure and privilege sharing in our passion for young women, discovering our different strengths and skills and how we can use those to benefit the girls we work with.

It was our first term working fully with young women and working fully in Globe Town. We’re now running 4 lunchtimes a week in Morpeth School; 2 drop-in lunch clubs where young women can come and do activities and socialise at lunchtime where we’re getting to know lots of great young women, and 2 small groups where we do more discussion based activities on topics such as identity and managing emotions. Our afterschool club continued to develop with new girls joining from our work in the school and a whole range of different activities and workshops being enjoyed and providing many firsts for our young women. We also developed a mentoring programme and started working with our first young woman and look forward to adding to this number over the course of the year. In total we worked with nearly 200 different young women over the term, the vast majority of whom were new to us, and were seeing around 80 young women a week by the end of term.

We did our first sponsored event and have finally finished collecting in all the sponsorship and are pleased to announce that we made a grand total of……….*drum roll*………£1,856.71! Thanks again to the great team of runners who made this possible and for all of your gifts and the support it represents.

We’re excited about all that 2014 has in store. To give you a taste (excuse the pun!) we have a new cooking club starting after school on Thursdays where we’re going to teach young women some basic cooking skills and how to prepare a series of healthy meals. This will hopefully get them excited about food and the part it plays in how they look after themselves and maybe even inspire them to cook for their families.

So Happy New Year! Looking forward to sharing it with you!!