March 28th, 2014

Broadening Horizons

On Wednesday this week we took two young women to visit the Spotlight Youth Centre. This is a new Arts Centre for young people in Poplar, offering state of the art facilities and specialist instructors in a whole range of arts based activities. We got the bus together with our girls, from Bethnal Green to Poplar, where we were given a guided tour of Spotlight and were able to join in a drama workshop run by The National Theatre. The young women were excited about the centre and were keen to go back and join some of the classes.

There were a number of barriers for these young women in getting to this point, that as adults we may not consider. These young women rarely leave their estate and said they would not have travelled to the centre without us. They wouldn’t have known what bus to get and they wouldn’t have known where to get off. They also said they wouldn’t have felt confident enough to go in without us because they didn’t know anybody or what was going to happen. These are the kinds of barriers that many of our young women face on a daily basis that really restrict them being able to access opportunities.

We are passionate about enabling our young women to access opportunities that we believe will enrich their life experience and broaden their horizons. We believe this helps to shape young women who are comfortable and confident engaging with the world around them and who are more courageous in the aspirations they set and pursue.

On the way home the girls said that they would feel happy to get the bus on their own now that they knew how and they would like to go back to Spotlight….as long as we went with them one more time! It was a privilege to introduce these girls to an opportunity that they otherwise wouldn’t have had and we look forward to seeing where it will lead for them.