April 11th, 2014

Cooking Club Celebration

Our first Cooking Club group has successfully completed their course. And to celebrate we took the group for a meal at a restaurant on the Southbank. We got the tube to Embankment and walked across the bridge, checking out the sights on the way and waving at the boats. None of the girls had been to this part of London before, and they were really excited to see the London Eye and other famous landmarks, which they’ve “only seen in photographs before”. We went and looked at the skate park under the Royal Festival Hall and talked about whether or not it should be kept open. The restaurant was lovely, and the some of the girls were brave enough to try food they’d not tried before – they think falafel is “ok”!

The whole trip was a huge pleasure for me, from start to finish. Its fantastic to help the girls grow in confidence, to visit new places and try new things and to celebrate their achievements. Over the process of the project we’ve had a few challenges but we have developed great relationships with these young women, and are excited about continuing to work with them. The project has allowed us to teach new skills and hopefully the girls have learnt some more about healthy eating and healthy living. More importantly for me, however, it has been about using something the group enjoys doing, in order to get to know them; to begin building a relationship with them and to begin exploring wider topics with them. I have loved working with these young women and I’m really excited to begin our next group after the Easter holidays.