June 20th, 2014

Woodland Adventures

Its been a couple of weeks since we returned from our Cranbrook Girls Club residential and though the tiredness, bites and bruises have faded, the impact the trip had on the group is still very much alive.

After making ourselves at home in our woodland lodge, we soon found ourselves scrambling over walls and under nets on the forest floor, surrendering our neat city clothes and composures to the elements! I absolutely loved watching the girls lose their inhibitions and make friends with the mud, a rare opportunity to not worry about what they looked like.

Over the 3 days we did high ropes, swimming, archery and canoeing on a local lake and it was really exciting to watch as the each girl pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones, trying activities that they were previously terrified of and discovering courage, strength and skills they didn’t know they had. Some of the comments on their evaluation forms at the end of the trip were, “I learnt to try things”, “I’m really proud of myself” and “Best experience ever.”

Trips away from home are such formative experiences for young people, creating stories of fun, fear and friendship that get told for years to come. We also believe they give young people experiences that broaden their horizons and develop capacity in a really unique way. For some of our girls this was their first experience of being away from home or seeing a forest, or trying a certain activity and as always we feel enormously privileged to have been able to provide that for them. We look forward to building on these experiences and all that they’ve taught our girls as we continue our walk with them to discover all they can be.