September 12th, 2014

Summer Fun

Its been a busy summer here at the Canaan Project and lots of happy memories have been made. Each week we had an afternoon at the centre doing a variety of arts and crafts, games, sports and baking, and an afternoon of ‘shop, cook, eat’ where the young women got to choose a recipe, buy the ingredients, and cook a meal, before sitting down and eating together. We also ran a trip each week to some outdoor spaces including Epping Forest and the Olympic Park, and were able to enjoy the lovely sunny weather whilst appreciating all that London has to offer. And to top it off, we’ve found time to squeeze in some kayaking, canoeing and archery at Mile Ends Urban Adventure Base.

It has been super busy, but also an amazing time of trying new things, learning new skills and enjoying getting to know each other better! We believe these experiences are really valuable to the young women we work with. It is fantastic to see them engaging in activities where they are learning more about themselves and are having to push themselves and work as part of team. There have been many highlights of this summer for me, from the girls catching a frog in Epping Forest, to one young women conquering her fear of water and discovering she loves kayaking! As always, a privilege to have shared with the girls these moments of wonder and discovery, of themselves and the world around them.


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