December 11th, 2015


We’ve been thinking a lot recently about what 2016 could look like for our work and held a consultation today with some of our older girls to try to understand what it is that made them come and what keeps them coming. When we put these questions to them, with almost no hesitation one girl said, “Sanctuary, it’s a sanctuary”. Another girl joined in saying, “Yeah its safe”. Yet another girl offered, “Its reliable. The place and the people. You know it’s always here”. Someone else said, “It’s like a second home”. I asked them if they felt like they had other places that made them feel like that and apart from their actual homes, which for some provided some of those things, they said they didn’t. In a world where chaos and instability seem to be an increasing reality for so many individuals, communities and nations, it brings me so much joy to know that we’ve been able to provide a place of security and consistency for even these few young women. And however impressive a programme of activities we come up with for 2016, my hope for the coming year is that Canaan Project will continue to be experienced as a place of refuge for any girl that crosses our path.