Message from a young volunteer

2015-12-09 14.52.03.jpg

I have been working as a Young Volunteer for over a year and I can definitely say, without a doubt, that this was an enriching experience. Through Canaan Project I got to meet lots of amazing people, staff and young girls alike, and was able to share my experiences with them as well as just lend an ear. It was a welcome break from my studies to talk to younger girls about their worries and just generally be able to relate to their experiences as I was in their shoes not long ago. During those lunch times, I laughed, smiled and overall enjoyed myself as I got to hear about the world from the view point of a Year 8. Although technically I was giving up my own time, it didn't feel like that at all; the atmosphere was very welcoming and I felt like I was getting something out of this too. Talking to girls about upcoming GCSEs and other day to day issues gave me an opportunity to give them a different perspective that they may not have considered. One of my favourite parts of this whole experience was being able to observe how the girls who regularly came were able to progress throughout the year- some girls wouldn't engage in a lot of conversation with me at the beginning but by the end of the year we'd be giggling and arguing about our favourite Kpop bands. Seeing and acknowledging that development was quite fulfilling for me. Being a Young Volunteer is a privilege; one that I would recommend to everyone.